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74                     Ramavijaya.

third brother of Kama,  who  was  living at   Nandigram
with the Rishi, Yashista, having looked at the bright and
glittering mountain and, having thought that it was some
thing to entrap Rama and  Lakshuinan, let off an arrow
at it, which passed through the mountain and pierced an
arm of Maruti.     The monkey,  having  been wounded,
immediately came down with the mountain,  repeating, all
the time, the name of Rama.    Bharat heard the repetition
of the name of Rama and-asked him  who he was, when
the monkey informed him of what had happened to Lak-
shiiman and said, " What  should I do now} How can I
go (to Suvela before the sunrise.    If I do not reach  Suve-
la with this mountain in the course of the night, Lakshu-
man will be no more.''    u You need  not  be afraid/*
replied Bharat.    " I shall send you and the mountain to
Suvela, in a  minute,  though it is at a  distance of thou-
sands of yojans from this  place.    Just  sit on  the top of
my arrow, which will carry you and the  mountain there
in a minute"    Maruti  was  surprised at the  valour and
power of Bharat, and continued, " You need not take so
much trouble.    I can do it  myself."   So saying he took
his leave of the prince and jumped from ISTandigram with
the mountain and came to Suvela.    The physician  imme-
diately came and,  taking out the  juice of  the plant of
nectar, applied it to Lakshuman and brought him to life.
In like manner he applied the  juice to  all  the monkeys
killed by Ravana and restored them to life.    This having
been done, Marutitook the mountain and' placed it where it
formerly stood.    Ravana however despatched one hundred,
demons to snatch Dronagiri  from the hands  of Maruti
but the  latter,  holding the  mountain  in his  o'ne hand,
killed them all with his other hand.

Rama, Lakshuman, and the monkeys again prepared
themselves to fight with Ravana but the demon-king did
not come out of Lanka for some time. In the meantime