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Kamavijaya.                       75

Vibhislian came  and said to Rama, (< Havana is perform-
ing a penance like that which was done by Indrajit arid
half of the divyaratha  has  come out of fire.    Unless
you send  some  monkey-warriors there and destroy the
havan made by him, you will not be able to overcome him.*1
No sooner did Vibhishan inform Rama of this  than  the
latter despatched Maruti, Fala,  Nila,   Sugriva, and other
monkeys to Lanka.    They all went and searched the place
where the demon-king was performing the penance ; but
they could not find out the place.    But, in the mean-time,
Sharma, wife of  Vibhishan,   showed the  place to them.
Whereupon they went to the mouth  of the excavation
and, having removed the stone which was placed upon it,
rushed  into  it,  when  Havana   was  in deep meditation.
The monkeys, haviag destroyed the havan and the ratha,
tried their utmost to arouse him  from Ms meditation but
they foiled to do so.    They struck him with their weapons,
they threw rock and  trees upon him,,  they gave blows to
him but all was in vain.    At last Sngriva caught hold of
Mandodari and brought her in the  excavation.    She was
frightened,  and violently cried.    Her yell .aroused the
demon-king from meditation; and as soon  as he saw his
wife there, and having found that the havan was destroy-
ed by the monkeys, he  was  greatly enraged and beat
them all down.    The monkeys  immediately returned to
Stivela leaving  Ravana  and his  wife in the  excavation.
The demon-king said to Mandodari " My dearest, do hot
grieve for what has  happened to you.   Pain and pleasure
are made .for us mortal beings  and we must experience
them according to  their turns.   Now I am going to
fight with Rama.    I will either kill myself or kill Rama,
If I return to you, it is all right;  and if I be killed, these
are the last words  I address  to you.*'    So saying the
demon-king took the remaining deraens  with him and
commenced operations, when all the monkeys threw at