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70                      Eamavijaya.

him innumerable mountains, rocks, and trees but Ravana
cut them off in no time and beat them all down. Finding
that Havana could not be overcome . by the monkeys,
Eama immediately attacked him, when the demon-king
let off a serpent-weapon, which produced innumerable
serpents and stung the monkeys, Rama let off a Garuda-
weapon, which produced garudas and killed all the ser-
pents. Rama let off a rain-weapon, which produced the
rain and flowed the demons, when Ravana let off a wind-
weapon, which produced the wind and dispersed the rain*
Rama let off a mountain-weapon, which produced moun-
tains and stopped the wind. Ravana let off a diamond-
weapon, which produced diamonds and broke all the
mountains. Ravana let off innumerable arrows at Rama
at one and the same time but the latter cut them off with
one arrow. Ravana then let off a very , powerful arrow,
which struck Rama and passed through his left foot,
when all the monkeys got enraged and began to throw
arrows, rocks, and trees at Bavana but the latter bravely
broke them with his weapons.. Ravana fought from his
chariot and Rama from the ground. Finding that the
prince was in a bad position, Indra, the chief of the gods
in heaven, sent his chariot for him, which he mounted
and began to fight with his enemy. They both were very
powerful and fought with each other for seven days and
seven nights without cessation. Rama then let off four
arrows and killed the horses of Ravana. The demon-king
then immediately put other horses to his chariot, when
Rama let off an arrow of the size of the half moon, which
Ravana cut off with the like arrow. Whereupon Rama
let off a sharp weapon, which struck the chest of the
demon-king and cut off his ten heads but, to the surprise
of all, the heads again fixed themselves to him. Rama
again cut them off  but they again fixed themselves to
Ravana. Rama having failed to separate the heads