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Ramavijaya,                        77

Havana, all the monkeys were alarmed,  when the chari-
oteer, Matuli,  said to  Rama, " Ravana has  got a phial
full of nectar in his breast.    Just let  off an arrow at his
breast and break the phial,  so that the  heads  will  not
fix  themselves   to the demon-king over and over again.'*
Hearing this  from  Matuli Rama discharged a powerful
weapon called Agasti  Data and broke the phial in his
breast;  and  immediately  after, he cut off his ten heads
and killed him on the spot.    Vibhishan lamented for his
brother the demon-king, when Rama consoled and pacified
him.    Mandodari and his other wives came and violently
cried for their husband.    Yibhishan consoled them and
sent  them  to  their palaces.    The funeral ceremony of
Ravana  was  then performed by  his  brother; and soon
after, Rama installed him in the  throne of Lanka.    All
the demons acknowledged him as  their  king  and paid
homage to him.    All the gods and kings  imprisoned by
Ravana, were released from the prison there.   Rama visited
them all and heartily embraced them.    Rama then asked
Maruti and Yibhishan to bring   Sita  from the Asoka
forest.    Whereupon they immediately went to the forest
and informed her of what had happened to Ravana and
said to her, " We are desired  by Rama to bring you to
Suvela.    Please, therefore, prepare yourself to accompany
us."    Sita having prepared herself  to  accompany  them,
Vibhishan  seated her in a  *sibika and brought her to
Suvela.    She went to embrace Rama affectionately, when
the latter said to her, " Do not  come near me.    I have
eet you at liberty in order that  the people may not call
me cruel.   You have been for so  many years in Lanka,
find I do not know what you hava done during that time.
I can  not now admit you  into  my house; you can go
wherever you like.    I have no objection to it whatsoever/
Hearing these words from Rama   Sita was over-whelmed

^  * A plancjuin,