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Ramavijaya.                         79

forest with all their army and saw Rama, Lakshuman,
and Sita. Kausa-lya, Sumitra, and Kayakayi also came
there and affectionately embraced their sons. Kayakayi
remembered her past conduct towards Rama and repented
of what she had done to ruin him. They all then seated
themselves in chariots and came to Ayodya with the
acclamation of joy.

On the return of Rama from Suvela all the kings
on earth including his father-in-law, Janaka, saw hiro.
AH the people 6t Ayodya were exceedingly glad to see
Rama, Lakshuman, and Sita. Rama entertained all the-
kings, Rishis, demons, and monkeys for some days. Sita,
affectionately embraced her sister and her all relations.
Soon after, Rama was installed by the Rishi, Vashista^
in the throne of Ayodya, when all the kings paid tribute
to him. Inimediately after the ceremony of installation
was over, Rama gave presents to Sugriva, Vibhishan and
all other kings. But Maruti did not accept any of the
presents, as the other monkeys did. The monkeys asked
Maruti why he refused the presents from Rama. 4* Why
do I want the presents from Rama ?* replied Maruti.
" Rama is always in nay heart/ t Whereupon the mon-
keys continued, u If what you say is true, show us Rama
in your heart.'' As soon as the monkeys uttered these
words, Maruti ripped his heart and showed Rama to them-
from within. The monkeys were greatly surprised, and
threw themselves at the feet of Maruti. When Rama
was on the throne, Kayakayi peeped at him through a
window and said, " My son is u-nfortunate. Look at
Rama, how he is happy. I tried my utmost to- get the
throne for him but he didi not listen to me.. And at last
he has become a slave of his- brother, Rama." Vashista
overheard what she had said and replied, " I told you
many things but you, would never mind me. It was ow-
ing to your own folly and jealousy that R&ina wa$ sent to