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84                       Kamavijaya.

sprinkled water over the younger son with a Jcnsha* and
named him Kusha after it. The eldest son having been
placed on lavas,} the Eishi, in like manner, sprinkled
the water over him and called him Lahu. When the
two sons became eight years old, the Bishi performed their
Vratdband% and entertained the Eishis for four days. A
kamdhenu or a cow supplied them with whatever they
wanted. The Eishi taught them the Vedas, mantras,
Eamayan, the Purans and dhanurvidya.^ They thoroughly
mastered all sciences and arts and always played with
the sons of the Eishis. When they became ten years old,
they went on hunting excursions and brought home tha
animals killed by them. One day Kusha killed a sage
an the top of a mountain, who was a brother of Valmika.
He was meditating there in the form of a deer. They
dragged the corpse of the sage towards the abode of
Valmika, when the latter asked them on the road what
they were doing. "We have brought a deer for you"
replied tfhey, u and shall make a s^at of its skins for you.'1
Valamika, having looked at the corpse, found that it was
his brother and said to himself " ISTow both the boys have
become very brave. They have even killed a Brahman."
So saying to himself Valmika performed the funeral
ceremony of his brother and informed Sita of the valour
of her sons, when sshe said, " What do I know ? It is
you who have taught them dhanurvidya, mantras, arts,
and all sciences. I implore you, Papa, to free them from
the sin/'' ' Unless they bring one thousand Brahma
Kamals"^ replied Valmika, " and worship the god, Siva,
with all their heart and soul, they will not be freed from
the sin/' *' Papa, will you kindly tell us where those
kamals can be had ?" enquired the boys. " We will

* Grass, f A rush-like grass. J The ceremony of invest-
ing a boy with a thread  The art of using a bow and an arrow
^ Lotuses.