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Ramavijaya.                       87

stood.    The  Eishi,  Valmika,  had gone to  Fatal to be
present at the yadnya  performed by  Varan.    Before lie
left for Fatal, he had told the boys to  watch his abode in
liis absence.    Both the small boys were playing together
Vith  other playmates near the abode at the time the
sliamakaraa galloped, when Lahu showed the animal to his
playmates and, having pulled of! the patrika from the head
of the horse, read the contents of it.    He laughed at what
he had read, and said, " Is Rama  only a mighty  king OR
•earth ? PoolU I shall capture this horse, and let me see who
will fight with me and recover the horse."    So  saying he
tied up the animal to a plantain-tree.    All the children of
the Rishis were alarmed and said, * No doubt this   horse
belongs to a king.    How dare you capture the animal ? If
the king come here and ask us wko has detained the horse,
we will1 surely give your name,"    In the meantime,  some
of the warriors  came there and, looking at the children
of the Rishis,  said, " Who' are  yota ? Who has tied up
the horse to the plantain-tree /' ** We do  mot  know any-
thing about it," replied the children.   " There, stands the
l)oy who has tied up the kowe to tike tree .and lie, will -tell
you why he has «lone so."    In the meantime,' Shatraghha
-and all other  warriors  reached there.    Looking at the
tenderness  of Laku they coaxed him ami went to untie
the  horse,  when  the  former loudly exclaimed,  ** I did
-capture the horse,    I stand here to fight with you.    Who
is your Raraa ? Go and tell him that I am realy  to fighfc
with him.    You say that I am a chili but I will kill yow
all and put down your pride."    The warriors said to them-
selves, " ft is unbecoming an our part to fight with  these
tender boys.    Alt the kings will  laugh at  us, if we fight
with them.    It is far better to  untie the  horse and walk
quietly."   Bo saying all the  warriors  went to untie the
animal, when Lahu let &&. arrows and cut off the hands
af those who went .to-untie the horse.   All the six billions-