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&.                     Ramavijaya*

of warriors at once rushed upon the boy, who let off-
arrows and defeated them with heavy loss, when Shatru-
ghna drove his chariot but there was no room to move it*
as there were heaps of the corpses of the warriors killed,
by Lahu, He however pushed aside the corpses and went
where the hoy was standing. Finding him just like Ra-
ma, he asked him, " Whose child you are ? You have-
killed all my warriors. I shall now severely punish you.1*
" Yery well, I shall see how you wiU save yaur life now,"
replied Lahu. Shatrughna gat enraged and let off au
arrow at the boy, who cut it off iii no time* He then let
off many arrows which Lahu cut off and struck the for-.
mer with his arrows. At last he threw at Lahu the deadly
arrow given by Rama to. hi,m for use in difficulty >
when Lahu said, " I do not know how to cut off this,
arrow. Kusha has a knowledge of it. If he had not
gone to the forest for kand#muls> he would have cut ifc
off.J; Lahu however let off a fiery arrow and cut ofl; a part
of the deadly arrow but the remaining half of it struck;
the boy ; and consequently he fell insensible on the
ground. Shatrughnat was moved, and having gone near
the boy, looked at him attentively. He resembled RarAa.,
Shatrughna applied water to his eyes and, brought to hia
senses ; and in order to show him to Rama he put him inta
his*ehariot and proceeded further with the shamakarna. The*
children ran and informed Sifca of the fate of her son, Lahu,
when she fainted and, coming to herself, violently -cried. Sha
exclaimed with grief, " I am helpless and very \ipfortunate.
Which heartless man has seized my child ? 0 1 my aon*
thou art tender. Thou must have been wouuded. Thy eyes,
must have been broken by the arrows of the enemy. My
children are too young. They live upon kaadamuls and how,
will they be strong enough to fight with warriors ? Those
who raise a weapon against a child, are not Ks
JIow is it that nobody felt pity at the child ?