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RamavijaysL                         69

has   carried  of!  the   little wealth T  had ?    Who   has
carried off the stick of a blind and lame  woman 1If my
father,  Valmika, were here, he would go to his rescues
but unfortunately he has gone to  patal.    Kusha has also
gone to the forest, what  shall I do  now ? Who will get
my son back."    In the meantime,  Kusha returned from
the forest and asked his mother where his brother was,
when she, with tears in her eyes,   informed him of what
had  happened  to Lahu.    As  soon as he was  informed
of the fate of his brother, he took up  his  bow and arrow
and ran after Shatrughna and the other warriors.    Kusha
called out and said, " Who are you, thieves.   Where are
you going to take  the stolen thing ?"    So saying he let
off  arrows  at the  army of Shatrughna,  when the latter
turned round and loudly said, " Child, I shall immediately
seize and carry you off with us/    So saying Shatrughna
let off ten arrows at Kusha,  which the latter cut off and
broke the chariot and killed the four horses of the former
' with nine arrows ; and with  three  arrows his  helmet and
chap * were broken.    Shatrughna fell on the.ground and
combated with Kusha,   when the latter let off two arrows
and cut off his two hands ; and at the same time his head
was cut off with another arrow.    On the fall of Shatrugh-
na his  brother,  Nagendranath, let off twenty arrows at
the boy but the latter broke off the arrows with one arrow
&nd cut off the head of Nagendranath with an arrow of the
size of the half moon.    Having done this, he continued
the letting off arrows  at  the  warriors, who could not
overcome Kusha.    The boy killed many billions of war-
riors and all the  kings  who  had submitted to Rama.
Kusha then went and searched his brother, whom he found
in the chariot of Shatrughna.    He was insensible. Kusha
brought him to  senses  and  embraced him affectionately*
Lahu said, "Let us now go home with the  shamakarna."

* Bow.