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SO                          Kamavijaya,

" I am sure, many other  warriors  will come here to fight
with us," replied Knsha.    " It is riot safe to return home.
Let us kill all who will come here to  take the horse, and
then return   home."    A few wounded warriors  went and
informed Kama that  Shatmghna  and six billions  of the
warriors were killed by two small boys  of a Rishu    Rama
was  alarmed at  the  news  and  immediately  despatched
Lakshimian  with  a large  army  to the   seat of  the war.
He, looking at  the beautiful  boys  of the  age of twelve
years, was greatly surprised at their bravery. The warriors
said, " Capture, capture  the  boys.    Where  will  they go-
now ?"   The boys proved -to the sun,   who was  pleased
with them and presented  them with a successful weapon,
winch Laliu took up and attacked the  warriors of Lak-
shuman and killed a large number of  them,  when Lak-
shunian said to Kalajit, 4 As long as the  two boys stand
together, nobody can overcome them.    Let us^ therefore,
separate them both and seise them."    So saying  Lakshu-
man  separated the boys with  the assistance- of all his
warriors but Lahu let off one arrow, which produced  kotis
of arrows and killed the  warriors.    Finding Lakshuman
in a bad position a demon called Radlii,. a  great friend of
Kama, jumping into the air> eame down where Laliu was
standing, and snatched the weapon  from  his  hands  and
ilew like a bird* when Lahu also flew with him and, seizing1
the demon by his liair and turning him like a wheel,
flung him down and instantly killed him.    Lakslmmaa
got enraged and let off at the two boys Jive arrows as
powerful as lightning,, which  Lahu cut off in a minute*
Lahu said to Lakshuman, " You formerly killed ladrajit.
Let me see your valour BOW.    You fasted  far fourteen
years.    $Fa doubt you mnst have now rest and I shall just
give it to you." " What is the'name of your father ?>' asked
Lakshuman.    4t Why do you want to know  it ?!> replied
iDahu.     Gome on, let us now fight/' So saying he let oft