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,92                      Ramavij ays.

think so/' replied Marufci. Lahu and Kasha saw them
whisper to each other and said, " Isfo doubt they will en-
gage us in conversation and take the shamakarna from us.'*
Kasha told Lahu to watch the horse and he himself came
up to Bharat and asked him, " You. are, I suppose, elder
than Lakshuman. Are you not ? You seem to be' a
brave soldier." " Just tell me what is your name, who yonr
parents are, and tell me with whom you fought before ?5>
u My name is Kusha," replied the child. " Depart from
this place," continued Bharat, " and tell your mother that
I have spared your life." " I think, Rama has sent you
here to capture us," said Kusha. " I now tell you, either
fight with me or depart from this place as soon as you can.
I do not pursue you. Just go and get your Kama here.'*
Bharat got enraged and let off various arrows and weapons
at Kusha, which the latter cut off very easily. At last he
let off a diamond-weapon at Maruti, "and made him in-
sensible. This news having been communicated to Rama,
the latter mounted his chariot and personally came to the
field of the war with the army of the monkeys. The mon-
keys threw at the boys mountains, rocks and trees which
they broke with their weapons and killed many monkey-
warriors, and some monkeys fled for fear of life. At this
time Maruti jumped into the air to lift up the boys with
his tail but Kushaj perceiving his intention, let off a power-
ful arrow at him, which struck the monkey and brought
him down. Kusha loudly said " Oh ! ugly monkey. You
destroyed the Asoka forest but here you cannot da
any thing. The throwing of stones and mountains at
demons was not a war. There is no Dronagiri here. You
jumped over the sea and burnt Lanka. There is nothing
like that here." In the meantime, Sugriva threw trees
at the boys but Lahu cut them off, and made Sugriva,
..Nila, Jambuvant, Angad and Maruti and other monkeys
.insensible. Looking at this defeat Bama let off arrows at