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Eamavijaya.                        93

the two boys which the latter cut off and let off innumer-
able arrows, which scattered throughout the sky without
hurting Rama. Looking at the bravery of the boys
Rarna asked, ' Children of the Rishis, listen to me, I
shall give you what you want. I shall give you a cow,
which will give you milk. I am pleased with you and
will give you whatever you want."  We want nothing
from you," replied the hoys, " hut on the contrary we will
give you whatever you want. You can enjoy your own wealth,
We have heard enough of you. You are suob a heartless
and cruel man that no one like you can be found on this
earth. Sita, an innocent woman of virtue, you left alone in
the forest. This is most wicked on your part " Listening to
what they had said, Rama was moved with affection for them
and thought of stroking their heads with tenderness. But
the boys told him to continue fighting with them. ' Just
tell, me," said Rama, " Who you are, who your parents are^
which guru gave, you education, who taught you dhanur-s
vidya, science, arts and mantras 1fl The hoys heartily
laughed and said, " This man does not feel for his bro-
thers. He wants us to tell ^ini stories. Sir, first fight
with ui and then ask us stories. You have killed Ravana.
and done many brave acts. Now let us see a little of it,
"We shall never allow you to depart from this place with^
out fightin.g with us. If'you cannot fight with us, return
Jiome quietly or be a * sanyasi, because you have neither
\yife, nor- children." Rama asked, *c Tell me who yo.u,
a.ndthen 1 shall fight with you." In the meantime, a voice
in the sky said, '' Rama, do not fight. The hoys are your-
sons.1' 4>s 8<>orL a9 Baina heard what the yoice had said,
lie fell down insensible. Kusha came up to him and, taking-
off his mugut, put it on his own head. I^ahu stripped
Lakshuman of his ornaments and wore, them himself9
Having done this, they mounted the-chariot of Rama and,
* An Ascetic.