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94                     Eamavljaya.

tying up Marufci, Sugriva, Angad,  Jambuvant and other

monkeys to the chariot for the amusement of their mother, 

drove to their abode.    They told Sita that they had made

Kama and his brothers insensible in the   field  of war and

killed all their warriors.    " Here are   the  monkeys," said

they, "we have brought for your amusement."    Sita knew

them  and  did  not  come  out,   because  they  might feel

ashamed of their state.    She  said to   her sons, " Let the

monkeys   go away.    We   shall  never  keep them  here."

The boys  then  went  and  untied  them.    The monkeys

came and informed Bam a of what they bad seen.    In  the

meantime,  Yalmika  returned  from  Fatal ; and,   having

been informed of what had happened, he went and brought

all the warriors to life by sprinkling water over them  from

his * Kamandalu.   The Rishi then gave the two boys and

Sita in  charge of Rama,   who   heartily  embraced  them.

Shortly after, Rama took leave of   Yalmika and  returned

to Ayodya with his sons and  completed the  ashwarnedha.

* The water pot used by an ascetic and religious student.