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CHRONICLE.                            5

a lecture in St. John's college, of which I am a fellow."
(22) To Sir W. Paget in 1544.

T^37' July 3-         [die martis fiostfestnm DiitiPetrletPauh (June 29)

aet. Si. Grant}    Is installed M A.

1^38. Spring.         Visits his parents in Yorkshire, whom he had not seen

aet. 22. for seven years
Autumn.       Date of his earliest extant letter.

1540-1542.             Is at home in Yorkshire, for nearly two years, with

quartan fever. Probably about this time he attended the
archery meetings at York and Norwich $p 159.160

1540. aet. 24. 'In the great snowe/ journeying ein the hye wave
betwixt Topchffe vpon Swale; and Borrowe bridge,' he
watches the nature of the wind by the snow-drifts, p. 157.

iiJ4r. eet. 2$ Upon his repeated application, Edward Lee, Archbp
of York, grants him a pension of 405. (= £40 of present
money) payable at the feast of Annunciation and on
Michaelmas day. see (24). This pension ceased on the
death of the Archbishop in 1544.

1^41-2.                  33 Hen VIII  eg     'An Acte for Mayntanance of

Artyllarie and debarringe of unlauful Games.' confirms
3 Hen. VIII c. 3. and, inter aliat directs that no Bowyer
shall sell a Ewe bow to any between 8 and 14 years, above
the price of isd, but shall have for such, Ewe bows from
6d to i2d' and likewise shall sell bows at reasonable prices
to youth from 14 to 21 years Ewe bows ' of the taxe called
Elke' were not to be sold above 35 4d, under penalty of
aos.—Statutes of the Realm* in 837.

154.4. * Spring, ajt 28.   Ascham wi ites Toxofihtlw.

After Lady    Both his parents die     " How hard is my lot'   I first

Day         lost my brother, such an one as not only our family, but

all England could hardly match, and now to lose both

my parents as if I was not already overwhelmed with

sorrow '"   (21) To Chefte,

Befoie July. "I have also written and dedicated to the king's
majesty a book, which is now in the press, On the art
of Shooting, and in which I have shown how well it is
fitted for Englishmen both at home and abroad, and how
certain rules of art may be laid down to ensure its being
isarnt thoroughly by all our fellow-countrymen. This
book, I hope, will be published before the king's depart-
ure, and will be no doubtful sign of my love to my coun-
ti y, or mean memorial of my humble learning. (22) To
Sir W. Paget

July—Sept. 30. The king out of the kingdom, at the head of 30,000 men
at the siege of Boulogne, in France.

1545.        eet, 29.    Ascham presents Toxophthis to the king, in the gallery

at Greenwich. Heis granted apension of^io. p$. 165-166.
He is ill again, and unable to reside at Cambridge

1546.       aet. 30     Succeeds Cheke as Public Orator of his University,

in which capacity he conducts its correspondence.

1547.  $an 28.  mtwrtt UTE comes to t$e tljronc.

Ascham's  pension   which ceased   on   the death of
Henry VIII , was confirmed and augmented by Edward
VI , whom he taught to write.    [Ascham's pension is
^ \                        one of the prominent things in his life ]

o (11(48 Feb. ect 32.    Is Tutor to Princess Elizabeth, at Cheston.   Attacked
£ \ Z549 Sept. eet 33 by her steward, he returns to the university.

/i$5O.     set. 34.       While at home in the country, Ascham is appointed, at

[                          the instigation of Cheke, as Secretary to Sir Richard

Moiison, sent out as Ambassador to Emperor Charles V.

I                             On his way to town, has his famous interview with

Lady Jane Grey at Broadgate    Scholewastzr, fol, 12.