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Sept 31 The Embassy embarks at Billingsgate, and finally
reaches Augsburg on Oct. 28; where it appears to have
remained more than a year

IS52- Oct.             Ascham writes, probably from Spires, A Report and

Discourse written by Roger Ascham, of the affaires and
state of Germany and the Emperour Charles his court,
during certaine yeares while the sayd Roger was there
Published at London, the next year, without date.

1553.  $ul£ 6.  fHarp succeeds to t§e acton.
r^3. July 7.         Writes from Brussels.

On the death of the King the Embassy is recalled.

'i$<4. April.          Though a Protestant, Ascham escapes persecution;

his pension of £10 is renewed and increased, see p. 165,
May 7-      He is made Latin Secretary to the Queen, with a salary
of 40 marks.

Resigns his Fellowship and Office of Public Orator.
June i. set. 38.    Marries Margaret Howe.

He sometimes reads Greek with the Princess Elizabeth.

1558.  Wot). 17.   <£K?aoetf) fiegfns to reign.

Ascham's pension and Secretaryship are continued.
1560. Mar. n.       Is made prebend of Wetwang, m York Cathedral.  He
set. 44 had now possession of a considerable income.   It would
he satisfactory if he could be cleared from the suspicion
of a too great love for cock-fighting.

1563. Dec. 10.       The Court being at Windsor on account of the plague

at 47. in London, Sir W- Cecil gave a dinner in his chamber.

A conversation on Education arose on the news ' that

dmerse Scholers of Eaton be runne awaie from the

Schole, for feare of beating.'  Sir Richard Sackville, then

silent, afterwards renewed the subject with Ascham, who

finally writes for his grandson, Robert Sackville, The

\                        Scholemaster, first published by his widow in 1570.

His constitution had been enfeebled by frequent attacks
of ague. Imprudently sitting up late to finish some Latin
verses which he designed to present to the queen as a
new-year's gift, and certain letters to his friends, he con-
tracted a dangeious malady, during which he was visited
and consoled by his pious friend Alexander Nowell, dean

»y his pious friend Alexander Nowell, dean
md William Gravet, a prebendary of that
car of St. Sepulchre's London. Ascham

of St. Paul's, and
church and vicar of

1568.  Dec. 30.    died 30 Dec. 1568.   His last words were " I desire to

»t. $3. depart and to be with Christ."

1569. 4.          He was buned at St. Sepulchre's.    Nowell preached

his funeral sermon, and testified that he never saw or
heard of a person of greater integrity of life, or who was
blessed with a more Christian death. Queen Elizabeth,
when informed of his decease, declared that she would
^                        rather have lost ^10,000, than her tutor Ascham.

Buchanan did honour to his memory in the following epitaph:
Aschamum extinctum patriot, Grai&que Camanee,

Et Latia ver& cumpietate dolent.
Principibus vixit carus, jucundis amicis,

Re modicd, in mores dicerefama nequit.
which has been thus rendered by Archdeacon Wrangham,
O'er Ascham, withering in his narrow urn,
The muses—English, Grecian, Roman—mourn ;
Though poor, to greatness dear, to friendship just:
No scandal? s self can taint his haltoti d dust*

Cooper. Ath. Cantagtf. 066.