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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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* Editions not feen.

(a) Issues in tfje author's life time.

I. As a feparate publication.

i. 1545.    London.       Editio princeps. Engraved title page, fee
i vol. 4to.        oppofite page. The Colophon is as on p. 165.
(fi) Issues stitseftttent to tfje Sutfjot's treat!).

I. As a feparate publication.

8. 1571.    London.      TOXOPHILUS, The Schole, or partitions

I vol. 4to,        of mooting contayned in ij. bookes, written

by Roger Afcham, 1544.   And now newlye

perufed.     Pleafaunt for all Gentlemen and

Yomen of England for theyr pattimeto reade,

and profitable for their vfe to folovve bothe

in warre and peace. Annoitfi. Imprinted

at London in Fleteftreate neare to Saint

Dunftones Churche by Thomas Marfhe.

3.1589.    London.      Same title as No. 2. AT LONDON. Printed

i vol. 8vo.       by ABELL IEFFES, by the confent of H.

Marjh.    Anno  1589,    The Colophon is

*I AT LONDON, Printed by Abell leffes,

dwelling in Phillip Lane, at the Signe of

the Bell.    Anno Domini 1589.

6. 1788.  Wrexham.    Same title as No. 2, of which it is  a

I vol. 8vo.        modernized reprint.   Ed. with a Dedication

and Preface, by Rev. JOHN WALTERS M. A.

Matter of Ruthin School, and late Fellow

of Jefus College, Oxford.

10   1865.  London,   i vol. 8vo.    TOXOPHILUS:  &c., published
feparately from Dr Giles' Edition, No. 9.

fee title at

yoL 8vo.

II.   With other works.

4. 1761.    London,       The Englim Works of Roger Afcham, Pre-

I vol. 4to.        ceptortoQueenElizabeth. [Life by Dr JOHN-

SON.]   Ed. by JAMES BENNETT, Matter of

the Boarding School at Hoddefdon, Herts.

*Toxophilus ' occupies pp 51-178.

6, n. d.  London,   i vol. 4to.     Another imprefiion of No 4.
7   1815.    London.       Same title as No. 4  A new edition. [Ed:
i vol. 4to.        by J. G. COCHRANE, and limited to 250

copies.    Dr GilesJ]

8* * n. d.    London.     No, 7 'was re-iffued fome time afterwards,
I vol. 8vo.        with a new title and the addition of a half-
title, but without a date.'  Dr Giles, Pref. to
his Edition No. 9,

9. 1864-5. London.     The Whole Works of Roger Afcham, now*

3 vols. [vol. i has firft collected and revifed, with a life of the

2 parts] 8vo.        author; by Rev. DR GILES, formerly Fellow

of C. C. C. Oxford.    ' Toxophilus ' occupies

ii. 1-165.   LTnis is by far the beft edition of

A fcham's works.]