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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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* To (he mofte gracioitfe, and our moft drad Souciaignc lord^

Kyng Henrie the. viii^ by the grace of God^ kyng

of Englande, Fraunce and Irelande^ Defen

der of the fay the ^ and of the churche

of Englande and alfo of Irelande

in earth fupreme head, next vn

der Chrift, be al health

and fe-

|HAT tyme as, mofte gracious Prince, your
highnes this lafl year paft, toolce that your
mooft honorable and vidtorious iourney
into Fraunce, accompanied with fuch a
porte of the Nobilitie and yeomanrie of
Englande, as neyther hath bene lyke knowen by ex-
perience, nor yet red of in Hiflorie : accompanied alfo
with the daylie prayers, good hartes, and vvilles of
all and euery one your graces fubiectes, lefte behinde
you here at home in Englande: the fame tyme, I
beinge at my booke in Cambrige, forie that my litle
habilitie could flretche out no better, to helpe forward
fo noble an enterprice, yet with my good vvylle, prayer,
and harte, nothinge behynde hym that was formofle
of all, conceyued a wonderful defire, bi the praier,
wifhing, talking, and communication that was in euery
mans mouth, for your Graces mooft vidlorioufe retourne,
to offer vp fumthinge, at your home cumming to your
Highneife, which Sruld both be a token of mi loue
and deutie toward your Maieftie, and alfo a figne of
my good minde and zeale towarde mi countrie.
This occafion geuen to me at that time, caufed me

* This dedication Is entirely omitted in second edition, 1^71.