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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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Therefore I truft it fhal apere, to be bothe a fure token

of my zeele to fet forwarde fhootinge, and fome figne

^f my minde, tovvardes honeftie and learninge.

Thus I vvil trouble your Grace no longer, but

with my daylie praier, I will befeche God to

preferue your Grace, in al health and feli-

citie : to the feare and ouerthrovve

of all your ennemies : to the

pleafure, ioyfulneffe and

fuccour of al your fub-

iec"les : to the vtter


of papi-

flrie and herefie : to the con-

tmuall fetting forth of

Goddes vvorde

and his glo


Your Graces mofl
bounden Scholei,

Koger Afdiaia