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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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jlas the wyfe man caine to Crefus the ryche
kyng, on a tyme, when he was makynge
newe fhyppes, purpofyng to haue fubdued
by water the out yles lying betwixt Grece
and Afia minor: What newes now in Grece,
faith the king to Bias ? None other newes, but thefe,
fayeth Bias : that the yles of Grece haue prepared a
wonderful companye of horfemen, to ouerrun Lydia
withall. There is nothyng vnder heauen, fayth the
kynge, that I woulde fo foone wiffhe, as that they
durfl be fo bolde, to mete vs on the lande with horfe.
And thinke you fayeth Bias, that there is anye thyng
which they wolde fooner wyffhe, then that you fhulde
be fo fonde, to mete them on the water with fhyppes ?
And fo Crefus heaiyng not the true newes, but per-
ceyuyng the wife mannes mynde and counfell, both
gaue then ouer makyng of his fhyppes, and left alfo
behynde him a wonderful example for all commune
wealthes to folowe: that is euermore to regarde and
fet moft by that thing wherevnto nature hath made
them moofl apt, and vfe hath made them moofl fitte.

By this matter I meane the fhotypg in the long bowe,
for Enghfh men : which thyng with all my hert I do
wyfh, and if I were of authoritie, I wolde counfel all
the gentlemen and yomen of Englande, not to chaunge
it with any other thyng, how good foeuer it feme to
be: but that flyll, accordyng to the oulde wont of
England, youth fhoulde vfe it for the moofl honefl
paflyme in peace, that men myght handle it as a moofle
fure weapon in warre. Other flronge weapons which e
bothe experience doth proue to be good, and the*