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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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other forte. This waye, bycaufe dyuers men yat write,
do not know, they can neyther folowe it, bycaufe of theyr
ignorauncie, nor yet will prayfe it, for verye arrogauncie,
ii faultes, feldome the one out of the others companye.

Englyfh writers by diuerfitie of tyme, haue taken
diuerfe matters in hande. In our fathers tyme nothing
was red, but bookes of fayned cheualrie, wherein a
man by redinge, fhuld be led to none other ende, but
onely to manslaughter and baud rye. Yf any man fup-
pofe they were good ynough to paffe the time with al,
he is deceyued. For furelye vayne woordes doo woorke
no fmal thinge in vayne, ignoraunt, and younge mindes,
fpecially yf they be gyuen any thynge thervnto of
theyr owne nature. Thefe bokes (as I haue heard
fay) were made the mofte parte in Abbayes, and
Monafleries, a very lickely and fit fruite of fuche an
ydle and blynde kinde of lyuynge.

In our tyme nowe, whan euery manne is gyuen
to knowe muche rather than to Hue wel, very many
do write, but after fuche a fafhion, as very many
do fhoote. Some (hooters take in hande flronger
bowes, than they be able to mayntayne. This thyng
maketh them fummtyme, to outfhoote the marke,
fummtyme to fhote far wyde, and perchaunce hurte
fumme that looke on. Other that neuer learned
to mote, nor yet knoweth good fhafte nor bowe, wyll
be as bufie as the beft, but fuche one commonly
plucketh doune a fyde, and crafty archers which
be agaynfl him, will be bothe glad of hym, and
alfo euer ready to laye and bet with him: it were
better for fuche one to fit doune than mote. Other
there be, whiche haue verye good bowe and fhaftes,
and good knowledge in fhootinge, but they haue bene
brought vp in fuche euyl fauoured fhootynge, that
they can neyther fhoote fayre, nor yet nere. Yf any
man wyll applye thefe thynges togyther, fhal not fe
the one farre differ from the other.
~- And I alfo amonges all other, in writinge this lytle
treatife, haue folowed fumme yonge fhooters, whiche