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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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poynte for the perfiter vfing of it: bicaufe the one
knoweth like a fietcher how to make it, the other
knowethlyke an archer howe to vfe it. And feyng the
knowlege is one in them bothe, yet the ende diuerfe,
furely that fletcher is an enemye to archers and artil-
lery, whiche can not be content that an archer knowe a
fliafte as well for his vfe in fhotynge, as he hym felfe
flioulde knowe a fliafte, for hys aduauntage in fellynge.
And the rather bycaufe fhaftes be not made fo muche
to be folde, but chefely to be vfed. And feynge that
vfe and occupiyng is the ende why a fliafte is made, the
making as it were a meane for occupying, furely the
knowelege in euery poynte of a good ihafte, is more to
be required in a fhooter than a fletcher.

Yet as I fayde before no honefl fletcher will be angry
with me, feinge I do not teache howe to make a fliafte
whichebelongeth onelyeto a good fletcher, but to knowe
and handle a fliafte, which belongeth to an archer.
And this lytle booke I trufte, Ihall pleafe and profite
both partes: For good bowes and fhaftes fhall be better
knowen to the commoditieof al fhoters,andgoodfliotyng
may perchaunce be the more occupied to the profite
of all bowyers and fletchers.    And thus I praye God
that all fletchers getting theyr lyuynge truly, and al ar-
ea, ers vfynge fhootynge honeftly, and all maner of men
that fauour artillery, may lyue continuallye in
healthe and merineffe, obeying theyr
prince as they fhulde, and louing
God as they ought, to whom
for al thinges be al ho-
nour and glorye for