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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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first fcofce of tfe sc&olc
of gftottng*

You fludie to fore Toxophile.      @J
. I wil not hurt my felf ouer-
moche I warraunt you.

pfjf. Take hede you do not, for we
Phyficions saye, that it is nether good for
the eyes in fo cleare a Sunne, nor yet holfome for ye
bodie, fo foone after meate, to looke vpon a mans boke.
5Cox. In eatinge and iludyinge I will neuer folowe
anye Phyfike, for yf I dyd, I am fure I Ihoulde haue fmall
pleafure in the one, and leffe courage in the other.
But what newes draue you hyther I praye you ?

Jljji. Small newes trulie, but that as I came on
walkynge, I fortuned to come with thre or foure that
went to mote at the pryckes: And when I fawe not
you amonges them, but at the laft efpyed you lokynge
on your booke here fo fadlye, I thought to come and
holde you with fome communication, left your boke
flioulde runne awaye with you. For me thought by
your waueryng pace and earner! lokying, your boke
led you, not you it