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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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H0x* In dede as it chaunced, my mynde went fafler
then my feete, for I happened here to reade in Phedro
/Yo^mr, aplace that entretes wonderfullie of the nature
of foules. which place (whether it were for _

i              '          ,   r         ^      ^.               .    .        In Phedro.

the paffynge eloquence of Plato, and the
Greke tongue, or for the hyghe and godlie defcription of
the matter, kept my mynde fo occupied, that it had no
leifure to loke to my feete. For I was reding howe
fome foules being well fethered, flewe alwayes about
heauen and heauenlie matters, other fome hauinge their
fethers mowted awaye, and droupinge, fanke downe
into earthlie thinges.

;}|fju I remembre the place verie wel, and it is won-
derfullie fayd of Plato, and now I fe it was no maruell
though your fete fayled you, feing your minde flewe
fo fafl.

2E0X. I am gladde now that you letted me, for my
head akes with loking on it, and bycaufe you tell me
fo, I am verye forie yat I was not with thofe good feloes
you fpake vpon, for it is a verie faire day for a man to
mote in.

pfjL And me thinke you were a great dele better
occupied and in better companie, for it is a very faire
daye for a man to go to his boke in.

&0x. Al dayes and wethers wil ferue for that par-
pole, and furelie this occafion was ill loft.

3PJjf* Yea but clere wether maketh clere mindes,
and it is beft as I fuppofe, to fpend ye beft time vpon
the beft thinges : And me thought you mot verie wel,
and at that marke, at which euery good fcoler moulde
mofte bufilie mote at. And I fuppofe it be a great dele
more pleafure alfo, to fe a foule flye in Plato, then a
mafte flye at the prickes. I graunte you, fhoting is
not the worft thing in the world, yet if we fliote, and
time mote, we ar[e] not like to be great win-ners at the
length. And you know alfo we fcholers haue more erneft
and weightie matters in hand, nor we be not borne to
paftime and pley, as you know wel ynough who fayth.
x, Yet the fame man in the fame place Philokge,