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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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gcfjcle af gl)00ttns.                    31

longe Ihotying hath continued, what common wealthes
hath mofle vfed it, howe honefle a thynge it is for all
men, what kynde of liuing fo euer they folow, what
pleafure and profit commeth of it, both in peace and
warre, all maner of tongues and writers, Hebrue,
Greke and Latine, hath fo plentifullie fpoken of it, as
of fewe other thinges like. So what mooting is howe
many kindes there is of it, what goodneffe is ioyned
with it, is tolde: onelye howe it is to be learned and
brought to a perfectneffe amonges men, is not to tilde.

;^|ju Than Toxophik^ if it be fo as you do faye, let
vs go forwarde and examin howe plentifullie this is
done that you fpeke, and firfte of the inuention of it,
than what honeftie and profit is in the vfe of it, bothe
for warre and peace, more than in other paftimes, lafte
of all howe it ought to be learned amonges men for
the encreafe of it, which thinge if you do, not onelye
I nowe for youre communication but many other mo,
when they mall knowe of it, for your labour,and Ihotying
it felfe alfo (if it coulde fpeke) for your kyndneffe, wyll
can you very moche thanke.

3Cox0p|j. What good thynges men fpeake of footing
and what good thinges mooting bringes to men as my
wit and knowlege will feme me, gladly foall I fay my
mind. But how the thing is to be learned I will furely
leue to fome other which bothe for greater experience in
it, and alfo for their lerninge, can fet it out better than I.

3Pfji« Well as for that I knowe both what you can do
in ihooting by experience, and yat you can alfo fpeke
well ynough of mooting, for youre learning, but go on
with the firft part. And I do not doubt, but what my
defyre, what your loue toward it, the honeilie of
footing, the profite that may come thereby to many
other, foall get the feconde parte out of you at the laft.

Stoxopfj. Of the firft finders out of footing, diuers     <£
men diuerflye doo wryte.    Claudiane the       ciaudianus
poete fayth that nature gaue example of      inhistn.
footyng firft, by the Porpentine, which doth foote his
prickes, and will hitte any thinge that fightes with it: