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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"


whereby men learned afterwarde to immitate the fame
in findyng  out both bowe and fhaftes.
Plinie referreth it to Schythes the fonne             7's '

of lupiter.    Better and more noble wryters bringe
fhoting   from  a   more noble   inuentour:   as  Plato,
Calimachus,  and  Galene   from   Apollo.        insympo,
Yet longe afore thofe dayes do we reade        IpoC'
in the bible of fhotinge expreflye.    And        Gen. 21.
alfo if we mail beleue Nicholas de Lyra,     Nic de j
Lamech killed Cain with a fhafte.   So this
great continuaunce of fhoting doth not a lytle praife
fhotinge: nor that neither doth not a litle fet it oute,
that it is referred to th[e] inuention of Apollo, for the
which poynt fhoting is highlye praifed of     Galen in ex.
Galene : where he fayth, yat mean craftes     hor. ad bo-
be firfl found out by men or beafles, as     nasartes-
weauing by a fpider, and fuche other: but high and
commendable  fciences by goddes,  as  fhotinge  and
muficke by Apollo.    And thus fhotynge for the necef-
fitie of it vfed in Adams dayes, for the nobleneffe of
it referred to Apollo, hath not ben onelie commended
in all tunges and writers, but alfo had in greate price,
both in the befl commune wealthes in warre tyme for
the defence of their countrie, and of all degrees of men
in peace tyme, bo the for the honeflie that is ioyned
with it, and the profyte that foloweth of it.

lifjfloL Well, as concerning the fyndinge oute of it,
litle prayfe is gotten to fhotinge therby, feinge good
wittes maye moofle eafelye of all fynde oute a trife-
lynge matter. But where as you faye that moofle com-
mune wealthes haue vfed it in warre tyme, and all de-
grees of men maye verye honefllye vfe it in peace
tyme : I thynke you can neither fhewe by authoritie,
nor yet proue by reafon.

3C0x0pf)i«. The vfe of it in warre tyme, I wyll declare
hereafter. And firfle howe all kindes and fortes of men
(what degree foeuer they be) hath at all tynaes afore,
and nowe maye honefllye vfe it: the example of moofle
noble men verye well doeth proue.