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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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Cyaxares the kynge of the Medees, and           .

greate graundefather to Cyrus, kepte a forte       ° 'm dl0'
of Sythians with him onely for this purpofe, to teache
his fonne Aftyages to ihote.  Cyrus being a     xen, in insti
childe was brought vp in footing, which      cyn-*•
thinge Xenophon wolde neuer haue made mention on,
except it had ben fitte for all princes to haue vfed: feing
that Xenophon wrote Cyrus lyfe (as Tullie        Ad Quint,
fayth) not to ihewe what Cyrus did, but        Fra-*•*•
what all maner of princes both in paflimes and erneft
matters ought to do.

Darius the firft of that name, and king of Perfie
fhewed plainly howe fit it is for a kinge to loue and
vfe ihotynge, whiche commaunded this fentence to be
grauen in his tombe, for a Princelie memorie and

Darius the King lieih buried here                   Stiabo. i$.

That ^nJhot^ng and riding had neuer pere.

Agayne, Domitian the Emperour was fo cunning in
footing that he coulde fhotebetwixte a mans Tran guet
fingers {landing afarre of, and neuer hurt ran<1'
him. Comodus alfo was fo excellent, and had fo fure
a hande in it, that there was nothing within his retche
and foote, but he wolde hit it in what __ ..

i         i_           i j               -u     /i                •               Herodia. i.

place  he   wolde:   as   beaftes   runnmge,
either in the heed, or in the herte, and neuer myffe, as
Herodiane fayeth he fawe him felfe, or els he coulde
neuer haue beleued it.

•IJJijL In dede you praife footing very wel, in yat
you foewe that Domitian and Commodus loue
footinge, fuche an vngracious couple I am fure as a
man foall not fynde agayne, if he raked all hell for

QCoxopfy. Wel euen as I wyll not commende their
ilneffe, fo ought not you to difpraife their goodneffe,
and in dede, the iudgement of Herodian vpon Com-
modus is true of them bothe, and that was this : that