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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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declared.    But why fhotinge ought fo of it felfe to be
regarded, you haue fcarcelye yet proued.

SCox. Examples I graunt out of hiftories do fhew a
thing to be fo, not proue a thing why it fhuld be fo.
Yet this I fuppofe, yat neither great mens qualities
being commendable be without great authontie, for
other men honeilly to folow them : nor yet thofe
great learned men that wrote fuche thinges, lacke
good reafon iuflly at al tymes for any other to approue
them. Princes beinge children oughte to be brought vp
in footing : both bycaufe it is an exercife mooft
holfom, and alfo a paflyme mooft honeft: wherin
labour prepareth the body to hardneffe, the minde to
couragioufneffe, fufferyng neither the one to be marde
with tenderneffe, nor yet the other to be hurte with
ydleneffe: as we reade how Sardanapalus and fuche
other were, bycaufe they were not brought vp with
outwarde honeft payneful paftymes to be men : but
cockerde vp with inwarde noughtie ydle wantonnneffe
to be women. For how fit labour is for al youth,
lupiter or els Minos amonges them of Grece, and
Lycurgus amonges the Lacedemonians, do Cic. 2< Tus>
fhewe by their lawes, which neuer or- Qu
deyned any thing for ye bringyng vp of youth that was
not ioyned with lab our. And the lab our which is in flioting
of al other is beft, both bycaufe it encreafeth ftrength,
and preferueth health moofl, beinge not vehement, but
moderate, not ouerlaying any one part with wery-
fomneffe, but foftly exercifynge euery parte with
equalneffe, as the armes and breaftes with drawinge,
the other parties with going, being not fo paynfull for
the labour as pleafaunt for the paftyme, which exercife
by the iudgement of the beft phyficions, is moft
alowable. By moting alfo is the mynde honeftly
exercifed where a man alwaies defireth to Gal, 2. de
be beft (which is a worde of honeftie) and san'tuend-
that by the fame waye, that vertue it felfe doeth,
couetinge to come nigheft a mooft perfite ende or
meanc Handing betwixte. ii- extremes, efcheweing