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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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fhorte, or gone, or eitherfyde wide, for the which
caufes Ariftotle him felfe fayth that fhoting Anst i, de
and vertue is very like. Moreouer that morib-
fhoting of all other is the mooft honefl paflyme, and
hath leefl occalion to noughtineffe ioyned with it. ii.
thinges very playnelye do proue, which be as a man
wolde faye, the tutours and ouerfeers to fhotinge :
Daye light and open place where euerye man doeth
come, the maynteyners and kepers of fhoting, from all
vnhonefl doing. If Ihotinge faulte at any tyme, it
hydes it not, it lurkes not in corners and hudder-
mother: but openly accufeth and bewrayeth it felfe,
which is the nexte waye to amendement, as wyfe
men do faye. And thefe thinges I fuppofe be fignes,
not of noughtineffe, for any man to difalowe it: but
rather verye playne tokens of honeftie, for euerye man
to prayfe it

The vfe of fhotinge alfo in greate mennes chyldren
mail greatlye encreafe the loue and vfe of fhotinge in
all the refidue of youth. For meane mennes myndes
loue to be lyke greate menne, as Plato           .

and Ifocrates do faye. And that euerye so'm nic*
bodye fhoulde learne to fhote when they be yonge,
defence of the commune wealth, doth require when
they be olde, which thing can not be done mightelye
when they be men, excepte they learne it perfitelye
when they be boyes. And therfore fhotinge of all
paflymes is mooft fitte to be vfed in childhode:
bycaufe it is an imitation of moofl ernefl thinges to
be done in manhode.

Wherfore, fhoting is fitte for great mens children,
both bycaufe it flrengthneth the body with holfome
labour, and pleafeth the mynde with honefl paflime
and alfo encourageth all other youth ernefllye to folowe
the fame. And thefe reafons (as I fuppofe) flirred vp
both great men to bring vp their chyldren in fhotinge,
and alfo noble commune wealthes fo flraytelye to com-
maimde fhoting. Therfore feinge Princes moued by
honefl occafions, hath m al commune wealthes yfed