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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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fit for lerning fo I trull you can not chofe but graunt,
that Ihoting is fit alfo, as Calimachus doth fignine
in this verfe.

Both meriefonges and good footing delitsth Afiollo.     Cal. hym. a.

Butas concerning whether of them is              /^

mofte fit for learning, and fcholers to vfe,              ^

you may faye what you will for your pleafure, this I am
lure that Plato and Ariftotle bothe, in their bokes en-
treatinge of the common welthe, where they Ihew
ho we youthe Ihoulde be brought vp in. iiii. thinges, in
redinge, in writing, in exercife of bodye, and finging,
do make mention of Muficke and all kindes of it,
wherein they both agre, that Muficke vfed amonges
the Lydians is verie ill for yong men, which be ftu-
dentes for vertue and learning, for a certain nice, fofte,
and fmoth fwetneffe of it, whiche woulde rather entice
them to noughtines, than ftirre them to honellie.

An other kinde of Muficke inuented by the Dorians,
they both wonderfully prayfe, alowing it to be verie fyt
for the iludie of vertue and learning, becaufe of a
manlye, rough and ftoute founde in it, whyche Ihulde
encourage yong ftomakes, to attempte manlye matters.
Nowe whether thefe balades and rpundes, thefe gali-
ardes, pauanes and daunces, fo nicelye fingered, fo
fwetely tuned, be lyker the Mufike of the Lydians or
the Dorians, you that be learned iudge. And what fo
euer ye iudge, this I am fure, yat lutes, harpes, all
maner of pypes, barbitons, fambukes, with other
inftrumentes euery one, whyche ftandeth by fine and
quicke fingeringe, be condemned of Arif- Aristot. poi.
totle, as not to be brought in and vfed 8-6-
amonge them, whiche Iludie for learning and vertue.

Pallas when me had inuented a pipe, call it away,
not fo muche fayeth AriHotle, becaufe it deformed her
face, but muche rather bycaufe fuche an Inftrumente
belonged nothing to learnynge. Howe fuche Inftru-
mentes agree with learning, the goodlye agrement
betwixt Apollo god of learninge, and Marfyas the