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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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bringing vp of children than mufike is, both Gallen
proueth by authoritie, and dayly vfe teacheth by
experience. For euen the little babes lacking the vfe
of reafon, are fcarfe fo well ftilled in fuckyng theyr
mothers pap, as in hearynge theyr mother fyng.

Agayne how fit youth is made, by learning to fmg: for
grammar and other fciences, bothe we dayly do fee,
and Plutarch learnedly doth proue, and Plato wifelie did
alowe, which receyued no fcholer in to his fchole, that
had not learned his fonge before.

The godlie vfe of prayfmg God, by finginge in the
churche, nedeth not my prayfe, feing it is fo prayfed
through al the fcripture, therfore nowe I wil fpeke
nothing of it, rather than I fhuld fpeke to litle of it.

Befyde al thefe commodities, truly, ii. degrees of
menne, which haue the higheft offices vnder the king
in all this realme, fhal greatly lacke the vfe of Singinge,
preachers and lawiers, bycaufe they fhal not without
this, be able to rule their brefles, for euery purpofe.
For where is no diflinclion in telling glad thinges and
fearfull thinges, gentilnes and cruelnes, foftenes and
vehementnes, and fuche lyke matters, there can be no
great perfwafion.

For the hearers, as Tullie fayeth, be muche affec-
tioned, as he is that fpeaketh. At his wordes be they
drawen, yf he ftande ftill in one facion, their mindes
ftande ftill with hym: If he thundre, they quake : If
he chyde, they feare : If he complayne, they fory with
hym: and finally, where a matter is fpoken, with an
apte voyce, for euerye afifedtion, the hearers for the
mofte parte, are moued as the fpeaker woulde. But
when a man is alwaye in one tune, lyke an Humble
bee, or els nowe vp in the top of the churche, nowe
downe that no manne knoweth where to haue hym :
or piping lyke a reede, or roring lyke a bull, as fome
lawyers do, whiche thinke they do beft, when they crye
lowdeft, thefe fhall neuer greatly mooue, as I haue
knowen many wel learned, haue done, bicaufe theyr
voyce was not flayed afore, with learnyng to fynge.