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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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ttyc grfjflts at tfEjarrtutfi.                            43

For all voyces, great and fmall, bafe and Ihril, weke OT
fofte, may be holpen and brought to a good poynt, by
learnyng to fynge.

Whether this be true or not, they that ftand moofte
in nede, can tell beft, whereof fome I haue knowen,
whiche, becaufe they learned not to fmg, whan they
were boyes, were fayne to take peyne in it, whan they
were men. If any man fhulde heare me Toxophile,
that woulde thinke I did but fondly, to fuppofe that a
voice were fo neceffarie to be loked vpon, I would
aike him if he thought not nature a foole, for making
. fuch goodly inflrumentes in a man, for wel vttring his
woordes, or els if the. ii. noble orators Demofthenes
and Cicero were not fooles, wherof the one dyd not
onelie learne to fmg of a man: But alfo was not
afhamed to learne howe he fhoulde vtter his foundes
aptly of a dogge, the other fetteth oute no poynte of
rhetorike, fo fullie in all his bookes, as howe a man
fhoulde order his voyce for all kynde of matters.

Therfore feinge men by fpeaking, differ and be
better than beaftes, by fpeakyng wel, better than other
men, and that linging is an helpe towarde the fame as
dayly experience doth teache, example of wyfe men
doth alowe, authoritie of learned men doth approue
wherwith the foundacion of youth in all good common
wealthes alwayes hath bene tempered; furelye if I
were one of the parliament houfe, I woulde not fayle,
to put vp a bill for the amendment of this thynge, but
becaufe I am lyke to be none this yeare, I wil fpeake
no more of it, at this time.

2Eox» It were pitie truly Philologe, that the thinge
fhoulde be neglected, but I truft it is not as you fay.

•pjji. The tiling is to true, for of them that come
day lye to ye vniuerfitie, where one hath learned
to fmge, vi. hath not. But no we to oure fhotmge
Toxophile agayne, wherin I fuppofe you can not fay fo
muche for fhotyng to be fitte for learninge, as you haue
fpoken agaynfte Muficke for the fame.

Therfore as concerning Mufike, I can be content to