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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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'fcholers verye moche, the mynde is altogyther bent
and fet on worke. A paftyme then muft be had where
euery parte of the bodye muft be laboured to feparate
and leffen fuche humours withal: the mind muft be
vnbent, to gather and fetche againe his quickneffe
withall. Thus paflymes for the mynde onelye, be
nothing fit for fludentes, bycaufe the body which is
mooft hurte by fludie, fhulde take away no profyte
thereat. This knewe Erafmus verye well, when he was
here in Cambrige : which when he had ben fore at
his boke (as Garret our bookebynder hath verye ofte
tolde me) for lacke of better exercife, wolde take his
horfe, and ryde about the markette hill, and come
agayne. If a fcholer fhoulde vfe bowles or tennies,
the laboure is to vehement and vnequall, whiche is
condempned of Galene: the example very ill for other
men, when by fo manye actes they be made vnlawfull.

Running, leaping, and coyting be to vile for fcholers,
and fo not fit by Ariftotle his iudgement: walking
alone into the felde, hath no token of Aristot.
courage in it, a paftyme lyke a fimple man poi. ? 17-
which is neither flefh nor fifftie. Therfore if a man
woulde haue a paftyme holefome and equall for euerye
parte of the bodye, pleafaunt and full of courage
for the mynde, not vile and vnhoneftetogyueill example
to laye men, not kepte in gardynes and corners, not
lurkynge on the nyght and in holes, but euermore in
the face of men, either to rebuke it when it doeth ill,
or els to teflifye on it when it doth well: let him feke
chefely of all other for Ihotynge.

30Ijil0L Suche commune paflymes as men com-
menlye do vfe, I wyll not greatlye allowe to be fit for
fcholers: feinge they maye vfe fuche exer-
cifes verye well (I fuppofe) as Galene him
felfe doth allowe.

2Coxop!j* Thofe exercifes I remembre verye well, for
I read them within thefe two dayes, of the whiche,,
fome be thefe : to runne vp and downe an hyll, to
elyme vp a longe powle, or a rope, and there hange a