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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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,                     49

yat vfeth any great Ihoting. And thofe whome you
fe mote the moofl, with how many thinges are the[y]
drawen (or rather driuen) from fhoting. For firft, as
it is many a yere or they begyn to be greate fhoters,
euen fo the greate heate of fhotinge is gone within a
yere or two : as you knowe diuerfe Philologe your
ielfe, which were fometyme the befl fhoters, and now
they be the befl ftudentes.

If a man faule fycke, farewell fhoting, maye fortune
as long as he lyueth. If he haue a wrentche, or haue
taken colde in his arme, he may hang vp his bo we (I
warraunt you) for one feafon. A litle blayne, a fmall
cutte, yea a filie poore worme in his finger, may kepe
him from fhoting wel ynough. Breaking and ill luck
in bowes I wyll paffe ouer, with an hundred mo fere
thinges, whiche chaunceth euerye daye to them that
mote mooft, wherof the leeft of them may compell a
man to leaue fhoting. And thefe thinges be fo trewe
and euident, that it is impoffible either for me craftelye
to fayne them, or els for you iuflly to deny them.
Than feing how many hundred thinges are required
altogyther to giue a man leaue to mote, and any one
of them denied, a man can not fhote: and feing euery
one of them maye chaunce, and doth chaunce euery
day, I meruayle any wyfe man wyll thynke it poffible,
that any greate tyme can be fpent in fhoting at all.

3PIji. If this be true that you faye Toxo-                 ,r

phile, and in very dede I can denye no-                &

thinge of it, I meruayle greatly how it chaunceth, that
thofe, whiche vfe fhoting be fo moche marked of men,
and ofttymes blamed for it, and yat in a maner as moche
as thofe which pleye at cardes and dife. And I fhal
tell you what I hearde fpoken of the fame           cardes

matter. A man no fhoter, (not longe agoo) and dyse-
wolde defende playing at cardes and dife, if it were
honeflly vfed, to be as honeft a paflime as youre fhot-
inge : For he layed for him, that a man might pleye for
a litle at cardes and dyfe, and alfo a man might fhote
away all that euer he had. He fayd a payre of cardes