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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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coil not paft. ii.d. and that they neded not fo moche
reparation as bowe and foaftes, they wolde neuer hurte
a man his hande, nor neuer weare his gere. A man
Ihulde neuer flee a man with footing wyde at the car-
des. In wete and drye, hote and coulde, they woulde
neuer forfake a man, he mewed what great varietie
there is in them for euerye mans capacitie: if one game
were harde, he myght eafelye learne an other : if a
man haue a good game, there is greate pleafure in it:
if he haue an ill game, the payne is foorte, for he
maye foone gyue it ouer, and hope for a better: with
many other mo reafons. But at the lafl he concluded,
that betwixt playinge and footing, well vfed or ill vfed,
there was no difference : but that there was leffe cofte
and trouble, and a greate deale more pleafure in
playing, then in footynge.

5C0X* I can not deny, but footing (as all other good
thinges) may be abufed. And good thinges ungoodlye
vfed, are not good, fayeth an honorable bifooppe in
an ernefler matter then this is: yet we mufte beware
that we laye not mennes faultes vpon the thing which
is not worthie, for fo nothing foulde be good. And
as for footing, it is blamed and marked of men for that
thing (as I fayde before) which fooulde be rather a
token of honeflie to prayfe it, then any figne of
noughtineffe to difalowe it, and that is bycaufe it is in
euerye man his fight, it feketh no corners, it hydeth it
not: if there be neuer fo litle fault in it, euerye man
feeth it, it accufeth it felfe. For one houre fpente in
footing is more fene and further talked of, then. xx.
nightes fpent in dyfmg, euen as a litle white ftone is fene
amonges. iii. hundred blacke. Of thofe that blame
footinge and footers, I wyll faye no more at this tyme
but this, that befide that they ftoppe and hinder footing,
which the kinges grace wolde haue forwarde, they be
not moche vnlyke in this poynt to Wyll Somer the
king his foole, which fmiteth him that ftandeth alwayes
before his face, be he neuer fo worfoipfull a man, and
neuer greatly lokes for him whiche lurkes behinde an
other man his backe, that hurte him in dede.