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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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f i

But to him that compared gamning with fhoting
fomewhat wyll I anfvvere, and bycaufe he went afore
me in a companion : and companions fayth learned
men, make playne matters : I wyl furely folowe him
in the fame. Honeft thynges (fayeth Plato)
be knowen from vnhonefl thinges, by this n p e r"
difference, vnhoneftie hath euer prefent pleafure in
it, hauing neyther good pretence going before, nor
yet any profit folowing after; which faying defcry-
beth generallye, bothe the nature of mooting and
gamning whiche is good, and which is euyl, verie

Gamninge hath ioyned with it, a vayne prefente
pleafure, but there foloweth, loffe of name, lofTe of
goodes, and winning of an hundred gowtie, dropfy
difeafes, as euery man can tell. Shoting is a peynfull
paftime, wherof foloweth health of body quiknes of
witte, habilitie to defende oure countrye, as our ene-
mies can beare recorde.

Loth I am to compare thefe thinges togyther, and
yet I do it not bicaufe there is any comparifon at al
betwixte them, but therby a man Ihal fe how good the
one is, howe euil the other. For I thinke ther is fcarfe
fo muche contrarioufnes, betwixte hotte and colde,
vertue and vice, as is betwixte thefe. ii. thinges: For
what fo euer is in the one, the clean contrarye is in
the other, as mall playnlye appere, if we confider,
bothe their beginnynges, theyr encreafynges, theyr
fructes, and theyr endes, whiche I wyl foone rydde

C The fyrfte brynger in to the worlde of   TO  .

s\       z.                           A       n           i   T.       r        -U-        Pla m symP-

fhootynge, was Apollo, whiche for his
wifdome, and great commodities, brought amonges
men by him, was eflemed worthie, to be counted
as a God in heauen. Difyng furely is a baflarde
borne, becaufe it is faid to haue. ii. fathers, and yet
bothe noughte: The one was an vngracious God,
called Theuth, which for his noughtines             piato

came neuer in other goddes companyes,       inphedro.
and therfore Homer doth defpife onfe to name him,