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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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Lhe moofl holefome exercife for the bodye, the
honefl paflime for the mynde, and that for all fortes
:>f men : But alfo it is a moofl redy medicine, to
purge the hole realme of fuche peflilent gamning, wher-
with many tymes: it is fore troubled and ill at eafe.

pfju The more honeflie you haue proued by mot-
ing Toxophile, and the more you haue perfwaded me
to loue it, fo moche trulye the forer haue you made
me with this laft fentence of yours, wherby you plainly
proue that a man maye not greatly vfe it. For if
{noting be a medicine (as you faye that it is) it maye
not be vfed very oft, left a man fliuld hurt him felfe
' ith all, as medicines moche occupyed doo. For Aris-
totle him felfe fayeth, that medicines be no meate to
lyue withall: and thus fhoting by the fame reafon,
maye not be moche occupyed.

5C0X. You playe your oulde wontes Philologe, in
ialying with other mens wittes, not fo moche to
^roue youre owne matter, as to proue what other men
^an fay. But where you thinke that I take awaye
noche vfe of fhoting, in lykening it to a medicine: by-
caufe men vfe not medicines euery daye, for fo fhoulde
their bodyes be hurt: I rather proue daylye vfe of
fhoting therby. For although Ariftotle fayeth that
fome medicines be no meate to lyue withall, whiche is
true: Yet Hippocrates fayth that our Hippo, de
daylye meates be medicines, to withflande med' Purs-
suyll withall, whiche is as true. For he maketh two
kyndes of medicines, one our meate that we vfe dailye,
.vhiche purgeth foftlye and flowlye, and in this fim-
llitude maye fhoting be called a medicine, wherewith
dayly a man maye purge and take away al vnlefull
defyres to other vnlefull paftymes, as I proued before.
The other is a quicke purging medicine, and feldomer
to be occupyed, excepte the matter be greater, and I
coulde defcribe the nature of a quicke medicine,
which fhoulde within a whyle purge and plucke oute
all the vnthriftie games in the Realme, through which
the commune wealth pftentymes is fycke. For not