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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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ftfjs rfctjolc at tfytwim&.                      61

oneiy good quicke wittes to learnyng be thereby
brought out of frame, and quite marred: But alfo
manly wittes, either to attempt matters of high courage
in warre tyme, or els to atcheue matters of weyght
and wifdome in peace tyme, be made therby very
quafie and faynt. For loke through oute all hiftories
written in Greke, Latyne, or other language, and you
fhal neuer finde that realme profper in the whiche
fuche ydle paflymes are vfed. As concerning the
medicyne, although fome wolde be mifcontent, if they
hearde me meddle anye thynge with it: Yet betwixte
you and me here alone, I maye the boldlyer faye my
fantafie, and the rather bycaufe I wyll onelye wylh for
it, whiche Jtlandeth with honeflie, not determyne of it
which belongeth to authoritie. The medicine is this,
that wolde to God and the kynge, all thefe vnthriftie
ydle paftymes, whiche be very bugges, that the Pfalme
meaneth on. walking on the nyght and in

                                i   /                 /            Psalm. QO

corners, were made felonye, and fome of
that punyfhment ordeyned for them, which is ap-
poynted for the forgers and falfifyers of the kynges
coyne. Which punifhment is not by me Demost. con-
now inuented, but longe agoo, by the tla Leptmem.
moofle noble oratour Demofthenes: which meru-
ayleth greatly that deathe is appoynted for falfi-
fyers and forgers of the coyne, and not as greate
punyfhmente ordeyned for them, whiche by theyr
meanes forges and falfifyes the commune wealthe.
And I fuppofe that there is no one thyng that
chaungeth fooner the golden and fyluer wyttes of men
into c'opperye and braffye wayes then difing and fuche
vnlefull paflymes.

And this quicke medicine I beleue wolde fo throwlye
pourge them, that the daylye medicines, as {noting and
other paftymes ioyned with honeft labour Ihoulde
eafelyer withftande them,

PfjtL The excellent commodityes of fhotynge in
peace tyme, Toxophile, you haue very wel and fuffi-
ciently declared. Wherby -you haue fo perfuaded me,