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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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all maner of matters. Obedience is nouryffhed by
feare and loue, Feare is kept in by true iuftice and
equitie, Loue is gotten by wifdome, ioyned with
liberalise: For where a fouldyer feeth ryghteoufe-
neffe fo rule, that a man can neyther do wronge nor
yet take wronge, and that his capitayne for his wyfe-
dome, can mayntayne hym, and for his liberalitie will
maintayne him, he muft nedes both loue him and feare
him, of the whiche procedeth true and vnfayned obe-
dience. After this inwarde vertue, the nexte good poynt
in a fouldier, is to haue and to handle his weapon
wel, whereof the one muft be at the appoyntment of
the captayne, the other lyeth in the courage and exer-
cife of the fouldier: yet of al weapons the befl is, as
Euripides doth fay, wherwith with leeft
daunger of our felf we maye hurt our ene-
mye mooft. And that is (as I suppofe) artillarie.
Artillarie now a dayes is taken for. ii. thinges : Gunnes
and Bowes, which how moch they do in war, both
dayly experience doeth teache, and alfo Peter Nannius
a learned man of Louayn, in a certayne dialoge3 doth
very well fet out, wherein this is mofL notable, that
when he hath mewed excedyng commodities of both,
and fome difcommodities of gunnes, as infinite coft
and charge, comberfome carriage: and yf they be
greate, the vncertayne leuelyng, the peryll of them
that Hand by them, the efyer auoydyng by them that
ftande far of: and yf they be lytle, the leffe both feare
and ieoperdy is in them, befyde all contrary wether
and wynde, whiche hyndereth them not a lytle: yet or'
all fhotyng he cannot reherfe one difcommoditie.

Hjfiji. That I meruayle greatly at, feing Nannius is fo
well learned, and fo exercifed in the authours of both the
tunges: for I my felfe do remembre that Ihotying in
war is but finally prayfed, and that of diuers captaynes
in dyuers authors. For firfl in Euripides (whom you
fo highly praife) and very well, for Tullie thynketh
euerye verfe in him to be an authoritie, what I praye
you, doth Lycus that ouercame Thebes, fay as con-