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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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cernyng fhoting ? ^whofe words as farre as I remem-
bre, be thefe, or noi\rnuche vnlyke.

Whatprayfe hath he at at^whicJit neuer durfl abide.
The dint of a fpeares poynt thriifeagamjl his fide
Nor neuer bouldhe buckeler bareyet^in his lefte hands
Face to face his enemies brontjliffehe t&^wythjlande.
But alwaye tntfleth to a bowe and to a fethewdjlickc
Harnes euer moftfitfor him which tofiie is quicfi
Bowe andJJiafte is Armoure metejt for a cowarde
Which dare not ones abide the bronte of battelJJtarpe and harde.

But he a man ofmanhode mojl is by mine ajfent
Which with harte and corage boulde, fulhe hath him bent,
ffis e?iemies looke in euery ftoure Jloutelie to a bide,
Face to face, andfote tofote, tide what may be tide.

Agayne Teucer the beft Archer amonges all the
Grecians, in Sophocles is called of Mene-
laus, a  boweman, and a fhooter as in         sii0pflain
villaynie and reproche, to be a thing of no            '   s'

price in warre. Moreouer Pandarus the beft fhooter in
the worlde, whome Apollo hym felfe taught to fhoote,
bothe he and his ihotynge is quyte con-
temned in Homer, in fo much that Homer         Ihad*s'
(which vnder a made fable doth alwayes hyde hys
iudgement of thinges) doeth make Pandarus him felfe
crye out of mooting, and caft his bo\ve awaye, and
take him to a fpeare, makynge a vowe that if euer he
came home, he woulde breake his fhaftes, and burne
his bowe, lamentyng greatly, that he was fo fonde to
leaue at home his horfe and charyot wyth other
veapons, for the trufl yat he had in his bowe. Homer
ignifieng thereby, that men fhoulde leue fhoting out
of warre, and take them to other wepons more fitte
and able for the fame, and I trowe Pandarus woordeo
be muche what after thys forte.

211 chaitnce ill lucke me hyther broughie
111 fortune me that daye befell,
Whanfirft my bowe fro thcpynne I roughte
For Heftors fake, the Grekes to $uell.