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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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made after he was king, was this, that al Re m a ,
ye children of Ifrael fhulde learne to mote, egum'
according to a lawe made many a daye before yat tyme
for the fetting out of fhoting as it is written (fayeth
Scripture) in libro lujlorum^ whiche booke we haue not
nowe: And thus we fe plainelye what greate vfe of
moting, and what prouifion euen from the begynnynge
of the worlde for motyng, was amonge the lewes.

The Ethiopians which inhabite the fttrtheft part
South in the worlde, were wonderfull bowmen : in
fomoche that when Cambyfes king of Herodotus in
Perfie being in Egipt, fent certayne am- Thaha.
baffadours into Ethiope to the kynge there, with many
great gyftes: the king of Ethiop perceyuinge them
to be efpyes, toke them vp marpely, and blamed
Cambyfes greatly for fuch vniuft enterprifes: but
after that he had princely entertayned them, he fent
for a bo we, and bente it and drewe it, and then vnbent
it agayne, and fayde vnto the ambaffadours, you mail
commende me to Cambyfes, and gyue him this bowe
fro me, and byd him when any Perfian can mote in
this bowe, let him fet vpon the Ethiopians: In the
meane whyle let hym gyue thankes vnto God, whiche
doth not put in the Ethiopians mynde to conquere
any other mans lande. This bowe, when it came
amonge the Perfians, neuer one man in fuche an in-
finite hoft (as Herodotus doth faye) could ftyrre the
flryng, faue onely Smerdis the brother of Cambyfes,
whiche ftyrred it two fingers, and no further: for the
which adl Cambyfes had fuche enuy at him, that he
afterward ilewe him: as doth appeare in the itorye.

Sefoflris the mooft mightie king that euer was in
Egipt, ouercame a great parte of the worlde, and that
by archers: he fubdued the Arabians, the lues, the
Affyrians : he went farther into Scythia then any man
els : he ouercame Thracia, euen to the borders of
Germanie. And in token how he ouercame al men
he fet vp in many places great ymages to his owne
lykeneffe, hauynge in the one hande a bowe, in the