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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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earthe, by the frogge the water, in which they both
liue, by ye birde their lyues which lyue in the ayer, by
the lhaft their hole power and Empire, that was mayn-
teyned alwayes by fhotinge. Gobryas a noble and
wyfe captayne amonges the Perfians, was of a cleane
contrary minde, faying, nay not fo, but the Sythians
meane thus by their gyftes, that except we get vs
wynges, and flye into the ayer lyke birdes, or run into
ye holes of the earthe lyke myfe, or els lye lurkyng in
fennes and mariffes lyke frogges, we fhall neuer returne
home agayne, before we be vtterly vndone with their
foaftes : which fentence fanke fo fore into their hertes,
yat Darius with all fpede pofiible, brake vp his campe,
and gat hym felfe homewarde. Yet howe moche the
Periians them felues fet by footinge, wherby they
encreafed their empire fo moche, doth appeare by.
iii. manifefl reafons: firfte that they brought Herod in clio>
vppe theyr youth in the fchole of footing, xenoph. in*
vnto. xx. yere of age, as dyuerfe noble cyr°P-
Greke authours do faye.                     _             Strab- "•

Agayne, bycaufe the noble kyng Darius thought hym
felfe to be prayfed by nothyng fo moch, as to be counted
a good footer, as doth appeare by his fepulchre,
wherin he caufed to be written this fentence.

Darius the King lieth buried here                     Strab. 15.

Thai tn footing and riding Jiad never pere,

Thirdlye the coyne of the Perfians, both golde and
filuer had the Armes of Perfie vpon it, as is     piutarch in
cuilomably vfed in other realmes, and that     Agefiia
was bow and arowes: by the which feate they declared,
how moch they fet by them.

The Grecians alfo, but fpecially the noble Athe-
nienfes, had all their ftrength lyinge in
Artillarie: and for yat purpofe the citie of            m as"

Athens had a thoufand. men which were onely archers,
in dayly wages, to watche and kepe the citie from al
ieoperdie and fodein daunger : which archers alfo ihuld
cary to prifon and warde any mifdoer at ye commaunde-