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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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at f)00tw<j,                        75

ment of the hygh officers, as playnlye doth appeare in
Plato. And furely the bowmen of Athens Plato m pro.
did wonderful feates in many battels, but tasra
fpecially when Demoflhenes the valiaunt captayne flue
and toke pnfoners all the Lacedemonians befyde ye
citie of Pylos, where Neftor fomtyme was lord: the
Ihaftes went fo thicke that day (fayth
Thucydides) that no man could fe theyr Thucydld'^
enemies. A Lacedemonian taken prifoner, was afked
of one at Athens, whether they were iloute fellowes that
were flayne or no, of the Lacedemonians : he anfwered
nothing els but this: make moche of thofe Ihaftes of
youres, for they knowe neyther iloute nor vnfloute:
meanynge thereby, that no man (though he were neuer
fo flout) came in their walke, that efcaped without

Herodotus defcrybing the mighty hooft Herod, in
of Xerxes efpecially doth marke out, what Poiym.
bowes and maftes they vfed, fignifying yat therin lay
their chefe ftrength. And at the fame tyme Attoffa,
mother of Xerxes, wyfe to Darius, and doughter of
Cyrus, doeth enquire (as Aefchyltfs fheweth         .

in a Tragedie) of a certayne meffenger    sc m
that came from Xerxes nolle, what flronge and fear-
full bowes the Grecians vfed: wherby it is playne, that
Artillarie was the thing, wherin both Europe and Afia
at thofe dayes trufled mooft vppon.

The beft parte of Alexanders hofte were archers as
playnelye doth appeare in Arianus, and other yat
wrote his life : and thofe fo flronge archers, that they
onely, fundrye tymes ouercame their enemies, afore
any other neded to fyght: as was fene in

11            i     1-i-vT-i                       r   A i                Ananus, 8.

the battayl which Nearchus one of Alex-
anders capitaynes had befyde the ryuer of Thomeron.
And therfore as concerning all thefe kyngdomes and
commune wealthes, I maye conclude with this fen-
tence of Plinie, whofe wordes be, as I fup-     pun. hb 16.
pofe thus : If any man woulde remembre     ^P- &
the Ethiopians, Egyptians, Arabians, the men of Inde,