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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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commoditie of oures, were notioyned with the commo-
ditie and health, of ye hole realme, for which purpofe,
our noble king full of wyfedome hath called vp this
excellent man full of learnynge, to teache noble prince
Edwarde, an office ful of hope, comforte and folace to al
true hertes of England: For whome al England dayly
doth praye, yat he paffing his Tutour in c^ T^ a
learnyng and knowledge folowynge his
father in wifedome and felicitie, accordyng to yat ex-
ample which is fet afore his eyes, may fo fet out and
mayntayne goddes worde to the abolishment of al papif-
try, the confufion of al herefie, that thereby he feared of
his ennemies, loued of al his fubiedles, maye bring to
his own glory, immortal fame and mem one, to this
realme, welthe, honour, and felicitie, to true and vn-
fayned religion perpetuall peace, Concorde, and vnitie.

But to retourne to fhootynge agayne, what Leo
fayeth of fhootynge amonges the Romaynes, hys
woordes, be fo muche for the prayfe of mootynge,
and the booke alfo fo rare to be gotten, that I learned
the places by harte, whyche be as I fuppofe, euen
thus. Fyrfte in his fixte booke, as concerning what
harneys is befl: Lette all the youth of Rome be
compelled to vfe fhootyng, eyther more or leffe, and
alwayes to bear theyr bowe and theyr quiuer aboute
with them, untyll they be. xl. yeares oulde.

For fithens mootynge was necglected and decayed
among the Romaynes, many a battayle and fyelde
hath been lofte. Agayne in the n. booke
and. 50. chapiter, (I call that by bookes and e*"' *'
chapiters, whyche the greke booke deuideth by chapi-
ters and paragraphes) Let your fouldyers haue theyr
weapons wel appoynted and trimmed, but aboue all
other thynges regarde mofte fhootinge, and therfore
lette men when there is no warre, vfe mootynge at
home: For the leauynge of, onely of fhotynge,"hath
broughte in ruyne and decaye, the hole Empire
of Rome, Afterwarde he commaundeth agayne, hys
capitayne by thefe wordes; Anne your hofte as I