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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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haue appoynted you, but fpecially with
bowe and arrowes plentie.   For ihootynge         *l '"'

is a thinge of muche myghte and power in warre,
and chyefely agaynft the Sarracenes and Turkes, whiche
people hath all their hope of vi6lorie in theyr bowe
and fhaftes: Befydes all this, in an other place, he
wryteth thus to his Captayne : Artillerie is eafie to be
prepared, and in time of great nede, a thinge mode
profitable, therfore we flraytlye commaunde you to
make proclamation to al men vnder our dominion,
which be eyther in war or peace, to all
cities, borowes and townes, and fynally to eo< 3o*79"
all maner of men, that euerye feare perfone haue bowe
and fhaftes of his owne, and euerye houfe befyde this,
to haue a {landing bearyng bowe, and. xl. fhaftes
for all nedes, and that they exercife them felues in
holtes, hilles, and dales, playnes and wodes, for all
maner of chaunces in warre.

Howe muche mooting was vfed among the olde
Romanes and what meanes noble captaynes and Em-
perours made, to haue it encreafe amonge them, and
what hurte came by the decaye of it, thefe wordes, of
Leo the emperour, which in a maner I haue reherfed
woorde for woorde, playnly doth declare. And yet
motynge, although they let neuer fo muche by it, was
neuer fo good than, as it is nowe in Englande, whiche
thing to be true, is very probable, in that Leo doth
faye, that he woulde haue his fouldiers take of theyr
arrowe heads, and one mote at an other, for theyr
exercife, whiche playe yf Englyfhe archers vfed, I
thinke they fhoulde fynde fmal play and Leo, 7.18.
leffe pleafure in it at all.

The great vpperhande maynteyned alwayes in warre
by artillery, doeth appeare verye playnlye by this reafon
alfo, that whan the fpanyardes, franchmen, and ger-
manes, grekes,macedonians,and egyptians, eche contry
vfmg onefinguler weapon, forwhyche they were greatelye
feared in warre, as the SpanyardeZ#;&r#r, the Franche-
man Gefa, the German Framea^ the