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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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the fame people, borne in Scythia, brought               T

vp onely in artillarie, by the fame weapon
haue fubdued and beraft from the Chriften men all
.Afia and Aphnke (to fpeake vpon,) and the mooft
noble countries of Europe, to the greate diminiming of
Chrifte his religion, to the great reproche of cowardyfe
of al chriftianitie, a manifeft token of gods high wrath
and difpleafure ouer the fynne of the worlde, but
fpeciallye" amonges Chriften men, which be on flepe
made drunke with the frutes of the flem, as infidelitie,
difobedience to Goddes worde, and herefie, grudge,
illwyll, flryfe, open battayle, and priuie enuye,
coueytoufheffe, oppreffion, vnmercifulneffe, with in-
numerable fortes of vnfpeakeable day lye bawdrye:
which thinges furely, yf God holde not his holy hand
ouer vs, and plucke vs from them, wyl bryng vs to a
more Turkifhneffe and more beaftlye blynde barbarouf-
neffe: as callyng ill thinges good, and good thynges ill,
contemnyng of knowledge and learnynge, fettynge at
nought, and hauyng for a fable, God and his high
prouidence, wyll bring vs (I fay) to a more vngracious
Turkifhneffe (if more Turkimneffe can be then this)
than if the Turkes had fworne, to bring al Turkye
agaynil vs. For thefe frutes furelye mufl neades
fprynge of fuch feede, and fuch effect nedes folowe
of fuche a caufe: if reafon, truthe, and God, be not
altered, but as they are wont to be. For furely no
Turkyme power can ouer thro we vs, if Turkyffhe lyfe
do not caft vs downe before.

If god were wyth vs, it buted not the turke to be
agaynfl vs, but our vnfaythful finfull lyuyng, which is
the Turkes moder, and hath brought hym vp hitherto,
mufte nedes turne god from vs, becaufe fyn and he
hath no felowlhyp togither. If we banifhed ill liuyng
out of chriflendome, I am fure the Turke fhulde not
onelye, not ouercome vs, but fcarce haue an hole to
runne in to, in his own countrye.

But Chriftendome nowe I may tell you Philologeis
muche lyke a man that hath an ytche on him, andlyeth