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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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dronke alfo in his bed, and though a thefe come to the
dore, and heaueth at it, to come in, and ileye hym, yet
he lyeth in his bed, hauinge more pleafure to lye in a
flumber and fcratche him felfe wher it ytcheth euen to
the harde bone, than he hath redynes to ryfe up luflelye,
and dryue him awaye that woulde robbe hym and Ileye
hym. But I trufte Chrifte wyl fo lyghten and lyfte vp
Chriften mennes eyes, that they mail not flepe to death,
nor that the turke Chriftes open enemy, mall euer bofte
that he hath quyte ouerthrowen vs. But as I began to
tell you, fhootynge is the chefe thinge, wherewith God
fuffereth the turke to punyfh our noughtie liuinge wyth
all: The youthe there is brought vp in Casp.dere-
Ihotyng, his priuie garde for his own perfon, bus Turc-
is bowmen, the might of theyr fhootynge is wel knowen
of the Spanyardes,whiche at the towne called Newecaftell
in Illirica, were quyte flayne vp, of the turkes arrowes:
whan the Spanyardes had no vfe of theyr gunnes, by
reafon of the rayne. And nowe laft of all, the em-
perour his maiellie him felfe, at the Citie of Argier in
Aphricke had his hoofle fore handeled wyth the Turkes
arrowes, when his gonnes were quite difpatched and
ftode him in no feruice, bycaufe of the raine that fell,
where as in fuche a chaunce of raine, yf he had had
bowmen, furelye there fhoote myghte peraduenture
haue bene a litle hindred, but quite difpatched and
marde, it coulde neuer haue bene.

But as for the Turkes I am werie to talke of them
partlye becaufe I hate them, and partlye bycaufe I am
now affectioned euen as it were a man that had bene
longe wanderyng in ftraunge contries and would fayne
be at home to fe howe well his owne frendes proiper
and leade theyr lyfe, and furelye me thincke I am verie
merye at my harte to remember how I fhal finde at
home in Englande amonges Englyfh men, partlye by
hyflories, of them that haue gone afore vs, agayne by
experience of them whych we knowe, and lyue with
vs as greate noble feates of warre doone by Artillarye,
as euer was done at any tyme in any other common