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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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welthe. And here I muft nedes remember a certaine
Frenchman called Textor, that writeth a
boke whiche he nameth Officina,4 whenn he
weueth vp many broken ended matters and fettes out
much rifraffe, pelfery, trumpery, baggage and beggene
ware clamparde vp of one that would feme to be fitter
for a mop in dede than to write any boke. And
amonges all other yll packed vp matters, he thrufles
vp in a hepe togyther all the good ihoters that euer
hathe bene in the worlde as he faythe hymfelfe, and
yet I trow Philologe that of all the examples whiche I
now by chaunce haue reherfed out of the beft Authors
both in greke and latin, Textor hath but. ii. of them,
which, ii. furely yf they were to reken agayne, I wold
not ones name them, partly bycaufe they were noughtie
perfons, and moting fomoche the worfe, bycaufe they
loued it, as Domitian and Commodus the emperours 
partelye bycaufe Textor hath them in his boke, on
whom I loked on bychaunce in the bookebynders
fhope, thynkynge of no fuche matter. And one thing
I wyl fay to you Philologe, that if I were difpofed to do
it, and you hadde leyfure to heare it, I coulde foone do as
Textor doth, and reken vp fuche a rable of ihoters that
be named here and there in poetes, as wolde holde vs
talkyng whyles tomorowe : but my purpofe was not to
make mention of thofe which were feyned of Poetes
for theyr pleafure, but of fuche as were proued in hif-
tories for a truthe : but why I bringe in Textor was
this: At lafle when he hath rekened all Ihoters that
he can, he fayeth thus, Petrus Crimtus5
wryteth, that the Scottes whiche dwell be- P* Crm< 3 I0*
yonde Englande be verye excellent ihoters, and the
beft bowmen in warre. This fentence whether Cri-
mtus wrote it more leudly of ignoraunce, or Textor
confirmeth it more piuyfhlye of enuye, may be called
in queftion and doubte: but this furelye do I knowe
very well that Textor hath both red in Gaguinus the
Frenche hyftorie,6 and alfo hath hearde his father or
graundfather taulke (except perchaunce he was borne