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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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and bred in a Cloyfler) after that fort of the fhotynge
of Enghflhe men, that Textor neded not to haue gone
fo piuifhlye beyonde Englande for moting, but myght
very foone, euen in the firfl towne of Kent, haue founde
fuche plentie of fhotinge, as is not in al the realme of
Scotland agayne. The Scottes furely be good men of
warre in theyr owne feate as can be : but as for mot-
inge, they neyther can vfe it for any profyte, nor yet
wil chalenge it for any prayfe, although mailer Textor
of his gentleneffe wold gyue it them. Textor neaded
not to haue fylled vppe his booke with fuche lyes, if
he hadde read the ftorye of Scotlande, whiche loannes
Maior doeth wryte: wherein he myghte
haue learn ed, that when lam es Stewart fyrfl oan a"
kyng of that name, at the Parliament holden at Saynt
lohnnes towne or Perthie, commaunded vnder payne
of a greate forfyte, that euerye Scotte fhoulde learne to
mote : yet neyther the loue of theyr countrie, the feare
of their enemies, the auoydying of punifhment, nor the
receyuinge of anye profyte that myght come by it, coulde
make them to be good Archers : whiche be vnapte and
vnfytte therunto by Gods prouidence and nature.

Therfore the Scottes them felues proue Textor
a Iyer, bothe with authoritie and alfo daily experi-
ence, and by a certayne Prouerbe that they haue
amonges them in theyr communication, wherby they
gyue the whole prayfe of fhotynge honefllye to En-
glyffhe men, faying thus : that euery Englyffhe Archer
beareth vnder hys gyrdle. xxiiii. Scottes.

But to lette Textor and the Scottes go: yet one
thynge woulde I wyflhe for the Scottes, and that is
this, that feinge one God, one faythe, one compaffe of
the fee, one lande and countrie, one tungue in
fpeakynge, one maner and trade in lyuynge, lyke
courage and ftomake in war, lyke quickneffe of witte
to learning, hath made Englande and Scotlande bothe
one, they wolde fuffre them no longer to be two : but
cleane gyue ouer the Pope, which feketh none other
thinge (as many a noble and wyfe Scottifh man doth