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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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knowe) but to fede vp diffention and parties betwixt
them and vs, procuryng that thynge to be two, which
God, nature, and reafon, wold haue one.

Howe profytable fuche an attonement Iohn Ma
were for Scotlande, both Johannes Maior,7 ior 6 hist
and Ector Boetius8whiche wrote the Scottes               Scot-

Chroniclesdo tell,andalfo all the gentlemen of Scotlande
with the poore communaltie, do wel knowe : So that
there is nothing that floppeth this matter, faue orelye a
fewe freers, and fuche lyke, whiche with the dregges
of our Englyfh Papiflrie lurkyng now amonges them,
ftudy nothing els but to brewe battell and flryfe
betwixte both the people : Wherby onely they hope
to maynetayne theyr Papiflicall kyngdome, to the
deflrudlion of the noble blood of Scotlande. that
then they maye with authoritie do that, whiche neither
noble man nor poore man in Scotlande yet doeth
knowe. And as for Scottilhe men and Engliflie men
be not enemyes by nature, but by cuftome : not by our
good wyll, but by theyr owne follye: whiche fhoulde
take more honour in being coupled to Englande, then
we mulde take profile in being ioyned to Scotlande.

Wales being headye, and rebelling many yeares
agaynft vs, laye wylde, vntylled, vnhabited, without
lawe, iuftice, ciuilitie and ordre: and then was
amonges them more flealing than true dealing, more
furetie for them that fludyed to be noughte, then
quyetneffe for them that laboured to be good : when
nowe thanked be God, and noble Englande, there is
no countrie better inhabited, more ciuile, more
diligent in honeft craftes, to get bothe true and
pientifull lyuynge withall. And this felicitie (my
mynde gyueth me) within thefe few dayes fhal chaunce
alfo to Scotlande, by the godly wyfedome of oure
mooile noble Prince kynge Henrye the. viii. by
whome God hath wrought more wonderfull thynges
then euer by any prince before: as banifhing the
byihop of Rome and herifie, bringyng to light god his
worde and veritie, eflabliming fuche iuflice and