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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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equitie, through euery parte of this his realme, aa
neuer was fene afore.

To fuche a Prince of fuche a wyfdome, God hath
referued this moofle noble attonement: wherby neither
we fhalbe any more troubled, nor the Scottes with
their beft countries any more deftroyed, nor ye fee,
whiche God ordeyneth profytable for both, fhall from
eyther be any more flopped : to the great quietneffe,
wealth, and felicitie of all the people dwellynge in this
He, to the high renoume and prayfe of our mooft
noble kyng, to the feare of all maner of nacions that
owe ill wyll to either countrie, to the hygh pleafure of
God, which as he is one, and hateth al diuifion, fo is
he beft of all pleafed, to fe thinges which be wyde and
amyffe, brought to peace and attonement. But
Textor (I befhrowe him) hath almoofte broughte vs
from our communication of Ihoting. Now fir by my
iudgement, the Ailillarie of England farre excedeth
all other realmes: but yet one thing I doubt and
longe haue furely in that point doubted, when, or by
whom, fhotyng was firft brought in to Englande, and
for the fame purpofe as I was ones in companye wyth
fyr Thomas Eliot knight, which furelie for his lerning
in all kynde of knowlege bringeth much worfhyp to all
the nobilitie of Englande, I was fo bould to afke hym,
yf he at any tyme, had marked any thing, as con-
cernynge the bryngyngein of fhootynge in to Englande:
he aunfwered me gentlye agayne, that he had a worcke
in hand which he nameth, De rebus memorabilibus
Anglice, which I truft we fhal fe in print fhortlye,7 and
for the accomplyfhmente of that boke, he had read
and perufed ouer many olde monumentes of Englande,
and in feking for that purpofe, he marked this of
ihootynge in an excedyng olde cronicle, the which had
no name, that what tyme as the Saxons came firft into
this realme in kyng Vortigers dayes, when they had
bene here a whyle and at laft began to faull out
with the Brittons, they troubled and subdewed the
Bnttons wjrth nothynge fo much? as wjth theyr